Hosting an RVA Maker event was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had with my business. I enjoyed sharing the behind the scenes of my trade, and learned a lot about myself in the process.
— Julie Hinzmann / Cut Cut
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Host Requirements

A host for a RVA Meet up must be a full time maker and have their own studio in the city of Richmond or surrounding counties. This can be a space shared with another maker but needs to be a professional working space. The host needs to also have a liability insurance policy which covers having guests in their space.

A Typical meeting

Meetings are usually hosted on the third Wednesday of the month and run from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Treat it like an open house. Provide light refreshments. At 5:30 people gather for socializing and seeing the host’s space, followed by announcements starting at 6:15, then a 15-20 minute demonstration by the host and ending with Q&A. The meetup ends at 7:30. It is fine if the host wishes for people to stay later but by no means required.


Hosts are asked to give a demonstration in their field. Demonstrations should be something the host is very comfortable in showing and pertain to their expertise. Try to keep your demo short and sweet.  A 20 minute demo is perfect. It can be a technique you use or just a tour of your space with a discussion of your work process.


Hosts are asked to provide refreshments. Light snacks and drinks are always appreciated by a hungry crowd at the end of the day. Alcohol is fine but in no way required. Don’t go overboard- people tend to stay till the food runs out.

Who attends?

RVA Makers currently has over 3,000 members in the Facebook group alone. It additionally has several hundred more who receive the monthly newsletter, watch the Facebook event page, or follow on Twitter and Instagram. People who attend are from all walks of life, young and old, from your fellow professional makers to enthusiasts and potential clients. Admission is free of charge. Attendance to a meetup varies depending on the field being discussed and the host’s advertising of the event.

Kids and Safety

We do not always actively advertise events as “kid friendly” but do not discourage people from bringing children. Meetups are a great way of inspiring future generations of makers! We ask that you put sharp tools away, and unplug any equipment that will not be used as part of your demonstration to keep your work space safe for grownups and kids alike. Having a liability insurance policy which covers people visiting your space is required to host.

We are aware that some studios are just not “kid friendly”. If you would rather not have children in your workspace please tell us and we will promote the event as “12 and up” or “adults only” (your choice).


As an inclusive community, we will promote accessibility options for your event. You are not required to meet all these options, but please let us know which we can share.

  • Do you have gender neutral or family restrooms?

  • Is your location on the bus line?

  • Is the building wheelchair accessible or ADA compliant?

  • Will the event be sensory-friendly? (No sudden or loud noises, no flashing lights, no strong scents, space to move away from the group.)